Sunday, December 2, 2012

20 Reasons why shock collars should be banned

1.   The entire concept is unenlightened
2.   Their design and purpose is to deliver pain to animals
3.   The threat of pain is as emotionally damaging as the pain itself
4.   Shocks will be delivered out of anger and frustration
5.   Surprise shocks can cause confusion & erratic behavior
6.   Pain & anxiety from repeated shocking can cause aggression
7.   Dogs may associate shocks with whoever is close by and attack
8.   Collars can cause infections, burns and sores
9.   Trial and error method to determine shock level is crude & cruel
10. A dog that can learn with a shock collar can learn without one.
11. Praise, cookies, kisses and clickers work better
12. Shock collars enable the lazy and insensitive
13. Some kennels/day cares/groomers use without the owner’s permission
14. Doesn't facilitate learning,instead punishes "normal" behavior
15. No laws regulating production quality and operational consistency
16. Animal wellness should come before profit
17. Malfunctioning collar causes suffering to animal before visible to owner
18. Often it is the owner, not the dog, who needs correcting
19. It’s antithetical to current canine behavioral science
20. If it’s too cruel to use on a child, it’s too cruel to use on your pet 

Is it kind to use painful shocks on your best friend?


  1. Would you say that ALL uses of shock collars by ALL people in ALL forms are abusive? (This would include all electronic bark collars, snake avoidance training, and people who use collars on an extremely low setting to communicate with deaf dogs.)

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I personally feel that all shock collars should be banned. I know that all those behaviors can be trained with positive methods without the use of shock. It has also been proven that snake avoidance training does not last long term. The side effects of shock is just too great and why use it if one does not really have to. It is my opinion that people use them to take the fast easy route, but in the long run a dog will end up with more issues. Stress, Fear, Shut down, etc. As for deaf dogs, you can train with vibration or LED lights, which would mean one would not have to use shock with a deaf dog either. Again, this is just my opinion...