Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pam's Dog Academy Products & Reviews

My DVDs and ebook’s are LOADED with FUN exercises to help with building a CLOSE relationship with you dog.  In addition to developing a close bond you will get more focus, attention, be able to proof behaviors, and fun challenges to test your dogs knowledge.  
These products are wonderful for pet dog owners that would love a well behaved dog and great for dog trainers that would like to learn some new techniques or get more proofing ideas.  Maybe you are new to clicker training and you would love to just play, train and have a great time with your dog.  No matter what your goal, my products will help you achieve them.   My plan is to help you succeed with your dog or with your clients and their dogs.  I am always willing to answer questions and help you along your amazing journey through clicker training.  
Loose Leash Walking made EASY, 27 episodes of exercises to help your train your dog to LLW & at the same time improve the human/canine bond. 2 disc DVD set. $50
Play -N-Train Recalls - 21 episodes of fun games, exercises, and challenges to help train your dog to come when called. $25
Rock Solid Stay - 12 episodes of how to build duration, distance, and train around distractions, fun games, challenges, release words and how to work with multiple dogs.  $25
Teaching Group Clicker Classes, comes with a FREE ebook with discussion ideas, 6 weeks of lessons, and the DVD is loaded with information on what to teach in a group class in addition to instructions on how to teach the exercises.  $100
“Insider Secrets to Canine Freestyle” ebook is also now available on my website.  If you have wanted to learn how to do canine freestyle, but do not know where to start.  This ebook is for you.  $25
If you are a dog trainer and want to offer your clients a new class on canine freestyle, I also sell a version of my Insider Secrets to Canine Freestyle with 16 weeks of lesson plans for group classes.  $125
Teaching Beginner Trick Classes with 9 weeks of lesson plans... $5
Teaching Intermediate Trick Classes with 8 weeks of lesson plans... $10
Teaching Advanced Trick Classes with 8 weeks of lesson plans... $15
Have a great day! :)
Get your DVDs or ebook’s from my website.  
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Pamela Johnson Direct link to my products page.
Here are what my Satisfied Customers are saying about my DVDs & Ebooks: 
  • Play-N-Train Recalls, Rock Solid Stay, and Loose Leash Walking made easy.  Fun exercises, No force, No punishment and easy to follow instructions.
  • Loose Leash Walking Made Easy by Pam’s dog Academy, If I was to rate this from 1 to 10; I would give this a 10.  Loose Leash Walking can be a daunting task to say the least. This Video DVD breaks that task down step by step and much more.  It’s is easy to follow and Pam trouble shoots each step so you won’t get over whelmed. I have been training dogs a long time and this wonderful video inspired me to do a Loose Leash Walking only class using these wonderful positive clicker training techniques. Way to go Pam. I look forward to seeing your future DVD’s too.  -  Mary Blanton
  • I can't wait for the "Stay" DVD to come out! I received "Play-n-train Recalls" for Christmas and I am really enjoying it. 
  • Love the LLW DVD's THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  • I always struggle to teach people how to train LLW.  They seem to want the dog to just not pull right away without working on it.  This gives me a lot of foundation behaviors to work on before even starting them walking.  Very helpful!   -  Heather
  • Very easy to understand and picked up some new tricks for recalls!! 
  • The games are so much fun - we love it !! How about a trick DVD next? I'll buy it for sure!
  • Hello Pam, i just wanted to tell you what a great job you have done with the LLW videos.  Emily Larlham mentioned them on her FB page so i bought the set and wanted to let you know how well you did.  I am putting together a six week LLW clinic and these will be an invaluable teaching aid and have given me some new Ideas.  i will credit you with some of the techniques we use in our class.  Thanks again for a well done video...
  • You are truly generous with your information and my clients benefit from it frequently. Looking forward to more videos and DVDs!
  • Very easy to understand!! 
  • The games are so much fun - we love it !! 
  • Hi Pam! I got the DVDs yesterday and they all are working fine. Thank you for making these DVD that goes over everything in detail. I tried the egg on a spoon LLW challenge and it was pretty fun and my dog did really good in one go. :) Thank you once again :D
  • Kelli-ann Reilly writes, “Insider Secrets to Canine Freestyle is fantastic.... very FUN motivating read.. highly recommend to anyone who is interested in freestyle ... either competition level or just for FUN.. love it ((:

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