Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mr Chewy Review... Review...
Mr Chewy is one of my new favorite websites.  I found it one day when I was searching for companies online that sell high quality dog food, dog treats, and cat food.  Being a full-time teacher, running my own dog training business “Pam’s Dog Academy”, and training my own dogs in agility and canine freestyle; I just do not get a lot of spare time to go shopping at the local pet store to purchase pet products.
There are a few things that I love about and thought I would share them with you.
  1. Mr. Chewy has a huge selection of over 70 brands of dog/cat food which includes a few of Bandit, Isabelle, and Twix’s favorites: Stella & Chewy, Ziwipeak, Blue Buffalo, and Taste of the Wild.  My cat Sabrina’s favorite is Merrick Before Grain Dry Cat Food and she will even do tricks for it. I am very picky about the type of food I feed my furkids (dogs and cat) and I can get my favorites from .  I even purchase dog treats from Mr Chewy such as: Stella & Chewy Carnivore Crunch, PureBites, Ziwipeak, Happy Hips Sweet Potato Chews, and Blue Buffalo Chicken Jerky; just to name a few.  Sabrina loves Ziwipeak venison and fish cat treats as well as PureBites Ocean Whitefish cat treats.
  2. They have FREE shipping on orders over $49, which is awesome!
  3. Their prices are comparable to that of pet stores.
  4. It is basically ONE STOP SHOPPING and delivered DIRECTLY to your front door, which is a life saver for us busy on the go people.
  5. Mr. Chewy has a wonderful referral program that helps raise money for charities, which is a win win for everyone.
    1. When you order from use this code PJOH399 to get 10% off your first order, plus Mr Chewy will donate $10 to the amazing charity of your choice.
    2. The charities: Best Friends Animal Society, Bideawee, and The north shore animal league america.  
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Disclosure:  I was not paid to do this review.  I do actually purchase my dog/cat food, dog treats, and cat litter from this company.  I did get a coupon toward my next purchase, but I would have purchased my pet products from this website anyway.  
I hope you enjoy shopping at Mr Chewy as much as I do.  
Pamela Johnson
Pam’s Dog Academy

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