Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amazed & PROUD of my Dogs!

Yesterday, I came home from a clients house and was in shock to see my husband standing outside with a cascade of water spurting out of our water main.  Our neighbor's cars were getting soaked and it looked like a fire hydrant had exploded.

The water company came out to shut off the water and recommended we get a plumber to fix the pipe.  I am not good with stuff like that and just let my husband take care of the issue.  He called out a plumber right away.  I was just doing a write up for my clients on the computer when I heard the plumber arrive.  My husband went out to meet him.  Finally, I decided that I would go and see how things were going and find out what the cost was going to be to fix this problem.  Well, when I went to the front door I was shocked and amazed at what I saw.  All 3 of my dogs were sitting at the front door watching the plumber and my husband with the door WIDE OPEN.  I immediately praised them all for being such AWESOME dogs and for staying inside as I closed the door.

I am not a huge stickler on them waiting at the door until released out but I do practice it before walks and play a game that I call "inside/outside" every once in awhile.  The game is they stay inside until I call them outside, then I reinforce for them coming outside.  Then I say, "inside" and they all run inside to get clicked and reinforced with jackpots.  I always reinforce them more for going inside (the front door) than just coming out when I ask.  It is a simple game, that really paid off!

I am still in shock at how they all just stayed there even with all the craziness going on outside.  I wish that I would have had a picture or had that on video.  I was just so proud and impressed with my dogs that I had to take a moment and share this experience on my blog.

My little mini training sessions at the front door really paid off.  Never under estimate what a little training can do!

Have a great day!
Pam, Isabelle, Bandit & Twix

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